In Tbilisi, within the campaign “Constitution Day 2017” on 28th of August, starting from 17:00, there was a display stand placed on a Lisi Lake. It had baskets with papers on it. Those papers had facts about the Constitution written on them.

Once in every 5 minutes, a question was asked. The right answer was on one of the papers. A person who would first give the right answer was given a point. Winners were awarded different prizes.

Other than that during the day, there were couple more quiz games. Also, there was a game “Constantinople”. It is a game with similar rules as Monopoly. Participants had to answer questions from the Constitution to move forward.

The final part was a movie screening on a territory of Lisi Charlie Organic Cafe People with disabilities were also invited. After the movie, there was a discussion related to the Constitution. The even had many sponsors.

  • 17 squares
  • Ronny’s Pizza
  • E-book store “Saba”
  • Te Da Art
  • ახალი მზიური • New Mziuri
  • Hippie
  • Posteration
  • Nino Chakvetadze’s Art
  • May bags
  • Lisi Charlie Organic Cafe
  • Experimentorium
  • GB


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