“Europe-Georgia Institute” and “Civil Development and Research Institute Georgia” organized forum with the topic “Eastern Partnership and Visegrad Countries Countering Disinformation”. The forum was financially supported by Visegrad Fund.
Conference took place on the 13th of February, 2019. Key speakers were intensively discussing the existing challenges, threats and different means of countering disinformation in the democratic when it is extremally easy to spread disinformation not only in the developing but also in the developed countries.
Different Georgian media sources covered the conference, like Netgazeti, Rustavi2, Radio Freedom. And also Information Center On NATO & EU wrote the evaluation of the forum. Role of EaP and Visegrad countries countering disinformation was discussed in details by several
NGOs from different countries.

The event was dedicated to the security topics in the era of informational and smart technologies, countering disinformation and handling media challenges. The conference was opened by the words of the Ukraine ambassador in Georgia, Mr. Igor Dolgov. Russia was considered as a main source of disinformation by several key speakers, as a tangible threat for EaP and Visegrad Countries, and not only.

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