Our mission

The Europe-Georgia Institute (EGI) is the leading independent civil society organization that uses non-formal education and creative communication to expose different problems of modern Georgia and the Caucasus and to promote solutions that are essential for Georgia’s development and for a successful common future. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and connect people to change their world.

Our History

A group of thoughtful, committed, idealist students came together in 2012 to create the Future Diplomats’ Club – the first student club dedicated to contemporary international issues, diplomacy, civil politics and the rights of youth. Later the FDC transformed into the Europe-Georgia Institute – the largest youth organization in Georgia, with more than 500 members from all around Georgia and covering fields such as culture, society, research, higher education, entrepreneurship, innovation, democracy and sustainable development.

Our Work

That was more than 5 years ago, and in that time, the EGI has indeed changed the participation of youth in civil life. We organize diverse forums, especially for young people, to exchange information and experience and discuss current and future political and societal developments and maintain networks of committed individuals and organizations sharing our views and values. One of our main goals is to promote a greater understanding of politics and to inspire citizens to take part in the political process.

Enjoying the support from the office of the President of Georgia, the EGI lead the unprecedented campaign “Your Voice, Our Future”, uniting hundreds of young men and women to make the people around them realize the importance of their single vote. Being the leading non-formal education institution in Georgia, the EGI has developed a unique program for summer and winter schools, as well as youth camps – empowering the participants to realize their full potential and the ability to make a change.

Soon after “Your Voice, Our Future” campaign the EGI created the Initiative platform, providing thousands of young people all around Georgia expertise and necessary tools to make a change.

Our Volunteers

We work with hundreds of volunteers who are on the inside track of our campaigns all around Georgia, especially in the mountainous regions – whether you’ve already been an activist, or you’re just starting and want to learn how you can help, we have dozens of volunteer opportunities for you.

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