In Gori, within the campaign “ Constitution Day 2017” youth from Gori carried out a project related to the Constitution.
The project was divided into two parts. The first one included meeting with youth from Gori. The first meeting was informal and included talks and discussions subject of which was Georgian Constitution, it’s history and comparison between old and new Constitution.
The second part took place in University of Gori, during which lawyer talked about three main subjects:

  1. What is the Constitution and what’s the main idea behind it.
  2. What does it mean to be a Georgian Citizen
  3. Freedom of religion and speech. 60 people attended the meeting.

Outside of Gori, participants also moved to Khashuri where they arranged a screening of a movie “Gandhi” followed by a discussion. The main goal of this event was to help people realize how can a peaceful involvement of citizens completely change the order including the Constitution of a nation.

During the second stage, group members met with the representatives of ethnic and religious minorities.

The next meeting was with youth from Kareli. The main subject of the meeting was “ Meaning of the Constitution for a country”.

After the meeting, one more activity was planned. A meeting with ethnic minorities from Azerbaijan in Detotsminda also in a synagogue in Gori. The main subject for discussion was what Georgian citizenship and Georgian Constitution meant for them.

The project included a social campaign that was happening together with other activities. Volunteers were taking pictures with a hashtag


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