The “Beyond Liberty – Education” launched on the 3rd of March was dedicated to Education – challenges, opportunities, and threats that education in Georgia faces and its connection with Freedom and Liberty.

Gigi Tevzadze is the first guest of Shako Chkheidze’s program. Gigi Tezadze was the Director of the Georgian Education Reform Project (2004-2006), the first Rector of Ilia State University (2006-2013), founded by him in 2006 with the support of the Government of Georgia.

He held the position of professor at different universities throughout many years. Since 2006, Ilia State University Professor and Director of 4D Research Institute.

He is the author of more than 50 scientific articles, 14 books and dozens of blogs in Georgian-English, German, Macedonian and Russian languages. Of the 14 books, 3 are genres of fiction.

“Beyond Liberty” is a joint project of the Europe-Georgia Institute (EGI) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation – for Freedom (FNF). Our main goal is to create a free space where people can talk about interesting and important topics.

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