70 years in Soviet empire and political and social instabilities since gaining of independence, has seriously harmed the process of developing the educational system. This has a negative effect on many different fields and is an obstacle for economic progress and democratic evolution of Georgia. In different international researches, such as PIRLS, TIMSS and PISA, Georgia shows alarmingly low levels. This problem is caused by several major factors : non-existence of a common educational plan, ultrapolitization of education, lack of professional opportunities in this field, low wages. Each of them seriously halt the development of the educational system. Young members of the party “Citizens” consider that it’s vital to start problem-solving at once.  After due research, young politicians have come with an idea, that each above-mentioned problem can be solved only through creation of a common plan, in which different political parties and experts of the field will participate. In difference from the many mistakes made in the past, this plan must be universal, long-term and apolitical, for it to be effective in dealing with the problems in the field of education.

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