Landminefree South Caucasus
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In 2019 EGI by the financial support of the EU launched a large-scale International Mine Awareness day (4th of April) campaign under the slogan “Landmine free South Caucasus”. The campaign took place for a week from 4th to10th of April and the events were organized in a number of cities and districts of the region, delivering the information materials in 5 languages – Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Russian and English. In the framework of the project the meetings were organized with the citizens which are living in the locations influenced by the issues deriving from presence of landmines. Additionally to this there was created the Video, which was published by the Georgian Public Broadcasting (First Channel). The flash mob about the issue was also organized.

Freedom of Speech Campaign in local universities 2019

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The Europe-Georgia Institute together with the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information and with support from Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom South Caucasus initiated a campaign “Freedom of Speech 2019”. Number of meetings with students from different universities were held as a part of campaigns in Kutaisi, Gori, Zugdidi and Telavi.

In 2019 Europe-Georgia Institute with the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty – South Caucasus launched another project – Europe In a Suitcase. The group of politicians, journalists and CSO representatives visited Georgia within the framework of the project. The key objective of it was to get Georgian and European politicians, representatives of academia and youth leaders to one another and facilitate exchange of the experience between them. Another objective of the project was to increase resilience and awareness of Georgian society about the topics related to the issue of populism. The participants arranged several meetings in differetn cities and towns of Georgia, including Tbilisi, Gori, Khashuri, Marneuli, Mtskhea and Telavi.

EGI / GIZ Scholarship Program
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Since 2018 Europe-Georgia Institute in a partnership with Gesellschaft für Internazionalle Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) implements the project, which aims to provide internship opportunity to the students interested in public administration and local self-governance in local municipality city halls of different cities and towns. During the program the interns help corresponding self-governences in creating the better means of communication with the population. 40 students in 12 different municipalities have participated in the program up to this moment and made 40 researches about the challenges which are present in the local municipalities. The papers mostly cover the topics related to citizen participation, accessibility of information and budgetary topics.

Educational Visits in Georgia 2018-2019
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Since 2018 EGI launched the Educational visits program in Georgia in cooperation with the public institutions and political party representatives of post-soviet countries. The aim of the program is to introduce to our foreign friends the achievements of Georgia in different fields, such as Taxation system, fighting with corruption, public transportation system etc. The project aims to facilitate the dialogue between institutions working in the same field from Georgia and other countries. During 2 years 3 visits were organized, in the framework of which up to 30 representatives from Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus were hosted in Georgia. The meetings were arranged both with public institutions and generally with the representatives of the society.