Within the campaign “Constitution Day 2017” the group visited following villages: Davati, Laparaantkari and Nokorna. Group members spoke with local people about following subjects:

  • An importance of the Constitution;
  • The first constitution of Georgia;
  • An important constitutional changes;
  • Simulation of the plebiscite;

With the resources they had at school they created mini “Banners”. They placed them in all 3 of the villages. They put different quotes about the Constitution on them. For example “ The law is the king, the king is not the law”, “the power of people is in the law” and etc.

During the meeting with local people, they were given fliers that explained an importance of the Constitution and democracy.

Group members prepared a box for the plebiscite and prepared questions for it.

After the results were counted it was clear that local people were in favor of the republican government and choosing the president in a direct way, by the people.


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