In Khashuri, within the campaign “ Constitution Day 2017” youth from Khashuri carried out a project in order to popularize the Constitution.

On August 23 in the streets of towns Khashuri and Surami the group members talked with the pedestrians about the constitution, citizen’s view points about the constitution was later published on social networks, and the final activity, which was attended by the people interested in it took place in American Corner, Khashuri.

During the project called #მოხეტიალეკონსტიტუცია that can be translated as Wandering Constitution, group members put the specific paragraphs from the constitution inside colorful balloons, some parts from the constitution was attached to the balloons and all of them was given to the citizens in the streets. Simultaneously they recorded videos of the pedestrians, took photos.

On August 22 #WanderingConstitution in American Corner in Khashuri carried out a lecture “ Talks about Constitution”. The lecturer was a master in politology – Lekso Lomidze.


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