In the village Koda, in refugee settlement, within the campaign “Constitution Day 2017”, in order to popularize the Constitution, the group “Voice of the nation” ( “ერის ხმა“ ) carried out the project „Protect the Constitution, so that it can protect you”. The main idea was to increase the awareness about the constitution in society. The project included several activities.

The first part of the project included a march, during which informative fliers were given to people in the streets. Those fliers had an information about the constitution on them as well as some paragraphs from it. Kids were given balloons with #constitutionbelongstoeverybody ; #cosntitutionmakesusfree written on them.

The second stage included street art. The group chose the wall in the most popular place in the village. With the help and support of the youth of Koda and local people, the group painted a symbol of freedom – wings. Everybody was able to take a picture with a wing behind them.

WIthin the third stage group members contacted with the company “Dila”, they made letters of congratulation, placed them inside the egg carton. Those cartons were distributed all around Georgia later.



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