In Poti, within the campaign “ Constitution Day 2017” youth from Poti carried out a project related to the Constitution. The activities took place on between August 23-24.

On 23rd of August, an activity named “ We read the Constitution” took place. Within the activity, small presentations were made about the history of Georgian Constitution. After that participant had a chance to read any paragraph from the Constitution and express their opinions about them. On 24th of August, there was a pacing in the Constitution Street in Poti. With the help of volunteers and people living on that street in every house, there was a small talk about the different paragraphs from the Constitution in accordance with the number of houses.

After that, young people moved to the railway station of Poti. In every car of the train, small booklets were placed, saying “More about the Constitution”. Those booklets contained a small history of the Constitution as well as congratulating message because it was Constitution Day on 24th of August.

Group members shortly after passengers were on the train got there as well, had a small conversation and took some photos.

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