Within the campaign related to “Constitution Day 2017” group “Snitch” carried out a project that included 5 activities:

  • Autoconstitution,
  • Training-evening,
  • An hour of constitution,
  • Constitution unites us
  • Talking stickers.

The first activity the group started with was #autoconstitution. The main purpose was to visit different regions of Georgia, talk with regular citizens and to a small research to find out how informed Georgians were about the Constitution and how well they knew their own rights.

The group decided to go from Tbilisi to Poti with the auto stop. On their way, they were having a conversation with drivers and people they were meeting. Finally, the group members visited seven locations. Including (1) Tbilisi, (2) Mtskheta, (3) Gori, (4) Khashuri, (5) Zestaponi, (6) Kutaisi (7) Poti. They changed the car 10 times and talked to more than 70 people.

The activities also included cleaning the streets ( a small area close to Mtskheta). As well as writing down “ What does the Constitution mean for you?” on their T-Shirts. The answer they got from people were really serious.

The second activity was a training-evening. Within this activity, group members carried out a training in the local library of Poti. The day before they met a teacher of Civil Education and a lawyer
Nana Gadelia. Together with her, they started preparing for the next day. The training was about main aspects of the Constitution and about its history. Participants were divided into groups ( altogether 20 participants ).

During the training, participants had discussions about direct and indirect ways of choosing the President, about the changes made in the Constitution and about basic human rights.

During the training-evening participants recorded videos for www.constitution.ge and showed the videos groups made for the contest “Me and the Constitution”.

The third activity was #anhourofconstitution. During this activity members of the group had a small conversation with people from Poti in the central streets of the town and parks. They also asked pedestrians to write down one word on a board that associated with the Constitution for them.

During this activity group members also painted stairs with following words
„24th of August is a Constitution Day“, that draw a lot of attention. For more visual representation they printed out posters. The project was strongly supported by local government and mayor’s office.

On 24th of August, Constitution Day, Snitch carried out final activity. The group decided to unite Georgians living in and outside of their homeland. „#constitutionunites“ was the name of the final activity. Group members asked people, including those living abroad, to take small videos to congratulate whole Georgia with Constitution Day. On the same day happened the activity #talkingstickers. They wrote „24th of August. Constitution Day, Congratulations! “ on a big colorful paper.
Posters were placed in central parts of the town, people also were given stickers and balloons with Georgian flags on them. Group members also placed Congratulating cards on cars, gave it to taxi drivers, and to people of different professions.
The project lasted for 1 week from 17th to 24th of August.



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