Within the “Constitution Day 2017” framework the “Constitution Week” was held in the mountatenous region of Tsageri. During the week several activities have been held:

  1. Five shops in Tsageri agreed to distribute different articles of the Constitution, that have been allocated in the shoppers’ bags.
  2. Libraries in Tsageri received booknotes with different articles of the Constitution on them.
  3. A poll was held aiming to estimate what the members of the Tsageri community knew about the Constitution, and what they wanted to know. The second day requested information was fixed to the Constitution Tree, that was placed in the middle of Tsageri. .
  4. Four different games about Constituion were held.
  5. Balloons were distributed in the streets of Tsageri with inscriptions: #please #readconstitution with articles of the Constitution tied to the bottom.
  6. Special exhibition was held in Tsageri gallery, each representing different articles form the Constitution.
  7. facebook hashtag campaing  #გეხვეწები #წაიკითხეკონსტიტუცია (#please #readconstitution) was initiated.

More than 700 citizens of Tsageri participated in the activities.

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