On June 17 in central library of Poti one of the winner project of “Initiative” Eco Network was carried out. 6 teams took part in the final. It consisted of 2 main parts. Participant teams showed their presentations they’ve been preparing for a week. There were two main criterion: accuracy of the information and maximum involvement of group members.
The team of Poti Public school #3 got the maximum amount of points in this part. Their presentation was about atmospheric pollution.

The second part was a quiz game about protecting the environment. The most amount of points got team “Ubuntu”.

One more, less formal activity of the project was a public cleaning. All the teams took part in it.

Team members were awarded prizes. Over 80 students took part in the project and the Eco-Network established during the project will keep functioning and solving environmental problems in the town.

According to the working plan of Eco-Network, once in a month during the weekend there will be public cleanings happening as well as different trainings will be organized in order to solve this problem.

The project was broadcasted on a local TV channel

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