Today marks a significant development as the Europe-Georgia Institute (EGI) has officially taken over the rotating chairmanship of the Information Integrity Coalition. This important role places EGI at the forefront of efforts in Georgia to unite civil society organizations committed to enhancing the country’s defense against the threats of disinformation and hybrid warfare.

With the crucial parliamentary elections approaching in October, EGI acknowledges the immense responsibility it holds during this vital period. The institute’s objectives are to increase the coalition’s sustainability and resilience, broaden participation, and regularly assess the effectiveness of its strategies.

As the election period draws near, EGI’s dedication to fighting disinformation and upholding information integrity is more crucial than ever. This endeavor is fundamental in building a well-informed society that can make decisions with clarity and confidence.

This initiative is supported by Zinc Network and USAID, highlighting the collaborative effort to safeguard information integrity in the face of increasing challenges.

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