The Europe-Georgia Institute launched the Social Audit project.The first meeting of the project took place in the office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom – South Caucasus.

Social Audit is an international project supported by Swedish Institute and Malmö University. The pilot version of the project is organized in three countries and one region of Europe. The project aims to provide the students at the school level with skills related to civic activism and social audit of the public sector. In the future, this will be beneficial for these students to become active citizens, capable of controlling the public sector. Students and teachers from 71st Public School of Tbilisi and Millennium School participate in the pilot version of the project. In the upcoming 3 months, the participants of the project will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of the course related to self-governance and social audit. All participants will carry out an independent Social Audit and publicly present its results.

The Europe-Georgia Institute thanks the Swedish Institute and Malmö University for outstandingly generous support to such an interesting project. We express our gratitude to every participating director, teacher and student of schools participating in the project!

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