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The Europe-Georgia Institute (EGI) is the leading independent hybrid civil society organization based in Georgia.

Our mission is to advance democracy, rule of law and free markets in Georgia and the Caucasus and empower a new generation of leaders to find solutions that are essential for Georgia’s development and for successful common future of the Caucasus.

Our mission is to inspire, empower, and connect people to change their world.

We believe that sustainable future is possible only when peace is achieved – that is the main reason we aim to advance dialogue and policy for sustainable development and peace.

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We believe that Youth is a vast source of innovation, ideas and solutions, and we strive to support the Youth by creating engagement frameworks and using non-formal education.

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We believe that true democracy starts at the municipal, regional and local level and we strive to foster open dialogue among all branches of national, regional and local government.

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EGI joins the European Liberal Forum

The Europe-Georgia Institute was elected as an affiliate member of the European Liberal Forum during the forum’s General Assembly session in Prague, Czech Republic. A Georgian organization joins a European-level foundation forRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 1 | Sep 22, 2019

Your Voice – Our Future

Your Voice – Our Future (YVOF) is an unprecedented project in Georgian history in terms of the scale of coverage, feedbacks, and results. Being the largest ever cooperation project between governmental andRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 1 | Aug 20, 2017

Memorandum of Understanding

On 8th of November, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Europe-Georgia Institute and Presidential Administration. The aim of the document is to increase youth involvement in civic activities. With theRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 1 | Feb 10, 2017

Recent news


EGI Statement, February 23

The chairman of the largest opposition party in Georgia, Mr. Nika Melia, was detained during a police operation carried out in the office of the United National Movement in Tbilisi in theRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 1 | Feb 23, 2021

EGI Political Digest 3

The case of Nika Melia On February 12, 2021, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia applied to the Parliament for consent to arrest the Chairman of the United National Movement, MP NikaRead More...
By : Rati Kobakhidze | Feb 19, 2021

EGI Political Digest 2

Protest and international response followed the illegal imprisonment of Zaza Gakheladze Zaza Gakheladze – a citizen of Georgia was illegally detained by the de facto regime of the Tskhinvali region. On FebruaryRead More...
By : Rati Kobakhidze | Feb 12, 2021

EGI Political Digest 1

The party “Citizens” reached an agreement with the “Georgian Dream” and entered the parliament The text of the agreement between the party “Citizens” and the “Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia” was publishedRead More...
By : Rati Kobakhidze | Feb 5, 2021

Enchanted circle of Georgian opposition – Droeba

The Chairman of the Europe-Georgia Institute – George Melashvili – participated in the episode of weekly TV journal “Droeba” at “Formula-TV”
By : EGI Rapporteur 1 | Jan 25, 2021

Your Voice, Our Future 2020

We strongly believe that participation of citizens in political processes and the role of the youth, eager to build the future, is crucial for democratic development of Georgia. One of the keyRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 1 | Dec 31, 2020
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Universal Basic Income – Georgian Reality and Perspectives

Universal Basic Income – Georgian Reality and Perspectives The aim of the research done by the Module of Economics of School of Civic Action is to overview Universal Basic Income ( UBIRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 1 | Jun 25, 2020

Geopolitical dimension of the Baltic-Black Sea region

Stanislav Zhelikhovskyi, Candidate of Political Sciences, Leading specialist of Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Geopolitical dimension of the Baltic-Black Sea region: from the past to theRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 1 | May 12, 2020

A Failed Balancing Act

A Failed Balancing Act: How the Pro-Russian Far-Right Dominated the Migration Debate in the Czech Republic Non-Resident Junior Fellow, Kremlin Watch Program, European Values Think-Tank Czech Republic: just one example of aRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 1 | Aug 30, 2019
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