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The Europe-Georgia Institute (EGI) is the leading independent civil society organization that uses non-formal education and creative communication to expose different problems of modern Georgia and the Caucasus and to promote solutions that are essential for Georgia’s development and for a successful common future. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and connect people to change their world.

We believe that sustainable future is possible only when peace is achieved – that is the main reason we aim to advance dialogue and policy for sustainable development and peace.

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We believe that Youth is a vast source of innovation, ideas and solutions, and we strive to support the Youth by creating engagement frameworks and using non-formal education.

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We believe that true democracy starts at the municipal, regional and local level and we strive to foster open dialogue among all branches of national, regional and local government.

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Your Voice – Our Future

Your Voice – Our Future (YVOF) is an unprecedented project in Georgian history in terms of the scale of coverage, feedbacks, and results. Being the largest ever cooperation project between governmental andRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 1 | Aug 20, 2017

Memorandum of Understanding

On 8th of November, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Europe-Georgia Institute and Presidential Administration. The aim of the document is to increase youth involvement in civic activities. With theRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 1 | Feb 10, 2017

Recent news


Who is who in Iran

On December 28th protest against the high prices started in the second largest city in Iran, Mashhad. Soon they turned into a big scale anti-government demonstrations and spread in many other cities.Read More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 2 | Jan 9, 2018

Interview of George Melashvili with a social media project #Hashtag

George Melashvili, President of Europe-Georgian Institute gave an interview to a social media project #Hashtag He expressed his opinion about the impact of Donald Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem as a capitalRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 2 | Dec 8, 2017

George Melashvili interview for EU Neighbours East

“We all realize we had the common past and hope, that one day we will have the common future” -President of Europe-Gergia Institute – George Melashvili. An interview for EU Neighbours East.
By : EGI Rapporteur 2 | Nov 26, 2017

Interview of George Melashvili on Radio Palitra

George Melashvili, President of Europe-Georgian Institute gave an interview to Radio Palitra – FM 103.9. Mr. Melashvili talked about the ongoing summit in Brussel , about Georgian-EU relations, about perspectives of joiningRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 2 | Nov 26, 2017

Walk to the Iron Cross on May 12

On May 12 in Kharagauli, on a mountain Iron Cross in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, a walking tour was organized by the local young people. Around 500 local people, as well as peopleRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 2 | Sep 20, 2017

Discover Nato

Together with information centers about NATO and EU within NATO days was organized an intellectual-adventures game for young people “Discover NATO”. The game took place at Ethnographic Museum and around 20 teamsRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 2 | Sep 19, 2017
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ქეთა კოხტაშვილი

ჩემი მოკლე ბიოგრაფია ქეთა დაიბადა 2002 წლის 3 აგვისტოს, ქ. თბილისში. ზოდიაქო- ლომი სტიქია- ცეცხლი. თავიდან სწავლობდა 55-ე და 57-ე სკოლებში შემდეგ კი 5 წელი გაატარა სკოლა “ოლიმპში”. მეცხრე კლასიდან მან სწავლაRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 2 | Mar 20, 2018

თინათინ გელაშვილი

ჩემი მოკლე ბიოგრაფია დაიბადა 2001 წლის 17 იანვარს, 15:00 საათზე ,ჯანმრთელი ბულკივით ბავშვი. ბავშვობიდანვე უყვარდა ხატვა და ცეკვა.2003-2007 წლებში დადიოდა ხარაგაულის N1 საბავშვო ბაღში.ბავშვობიდანვე გამოხატავდა პროტესტს იმის წინააღმდეგ რაც არ მოსწონდა რამაცRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 2 | Mar 20, 2018

ზუკა მაისაშვილი

ჩემი მოკლე ბიოგრაფია ზუკა მაისაშვილი არის ნიუტონის თავისუფალი სკოლის მე-12 კლასის მოსწავლე.ზუკამ დაამთავრა დიპლომატიის სკოლა(ორივე ეტაპი), რომელიც ხორციელდება მომავალ დიპლომატთა კლუბის და თავისუფალი უნივერსიტეტის მიერ.ზუკას ასევე დამთავრებული აქვს აქვს ახალი ეკონომიკური სკოლა-საქართველოსRead More...
By : EGI Rapporteur 2 | Mar 20, 2018
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