On March 20, 2020 EGI Political Compass has been fully updated EGI – The update was related to the test content, algorithm, questions and the results of the compass. Also the compass is now adapted to the IOS/Android platformsas well

We have selected five key areas and the objective of ours is to evaluate your positions within this frame. This concerns the areas such as: Economics, Foreign Policy, Civil topics, social and public policy. Each topic has potentially two radical controversial directions.

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Description of Axis and polars

Planned (Economy)
Higher the parameter of equality is, I am more confident, that the key objective of the economics is to reach equality among citizens. Usually people with this view support progressive taxes, large state-funded social welfare programs and generally, socially-oriented policies.
Market (Economy)
Usually the supporters of Free Market back up the idea of fast development of the country. They support low taxes, privatization, deregulation and generally, capitalist model of the economy with the limited government intervention.
Anti-Western(Foreign Policy)
People with Anti-Western sentiments oppose or are skeptical about Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic Aspirations and it’s objective to integrate in NATO and EU. Quite often they support non-block status, protectionist policies and intensified ties with Russia.
Pro-Western (Foreign Policy)
People with Pro-Western foreign policy enthusiasm believe, that the future of Georgia is related to its presence in big European family. They support Euro-Atlantic Integration of the country. They believe, that the key precondition of security and development of Georgia is NATO membership.
Freedom (Civil)
The supporters of Civil Freedoms believe, that the government shouldn’t limit their fundamental rights in any case. According to them, the argument of “security” is quite dangerous tool in the hands of the government to intervene the private life of individuals, to censor their freedom of speech and etc. Respectively, they believe that civil society shouldn’t accept such “interventions” by the state and that civil rights should be as protected as possible.
Control (Ciivil)
The supporters of the idea of Governmental Control believe, that to ensure stability and security the state should maximally concentrate power in its hands. For them individual freedom and individualism is not as crucial as Order.
The supporters of traditions are extremely careful with the modern developments that appear in the society. Quite often they are really negative about new developments that can change the patterns of life. For them Tradition and Religion is no less important, than order and fundamental rights of individual. They support protectionist policies. They support change of Status Quo only in case it doesn’t contradict traditions.
Progress (Public)
The supporters of progress have faith in changes and rationality. They believe, that in modern universe it is of utmost importance to adapt with the new developments in order to keep progress. They adore innovations and flexibility. They don’t like prejudices and traditions, that hinder the progress.
Solidarity (Social)
Those people believe, that the government should carry out measures to change historically embodies inequality.They support positive discrimination to overcome gender, racial, sexual and other types of imbalances. This can be related to different types of gender quota systems in legislative bodies and etc.

Natural Selection (Social)
Those people believe, that the function of the government is not to evaluate or overcome imbalances and inequalities. They believe, that governments don’t have ability and right to do this. The humans should take care of their own development and self-realization, they shouldn’t give others a possibility to bully them and he/she should do the best to have a proper role and position in the community. The competition is the supreme principle and the government shouldn’t contradict it in order to “demonstrate solidarity towards particular gorups”.

Make the Political Compass Test

What if I have already done this Test?

Maybe, but most probably you made the older version of EGI Political Compass. The new version is far better: With the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation we have fully updated the questions, improved the algorithm, that was defining the results based on the answers to the questions, updated design, adapted the compass to the mobile version and generally, added some minor, but important functions and details.

And even if you have already done this version of the test, it is still always interesting to compare your current results with the previous ones – probably your attitudes towards some things have changed? The old version of the Compass (1.0) is available on this Link.

Where is the old version?

We have conserved it. The new one is far better than old one, but still if you are seeking the old one so much, here it is: – https://compass.egi.ge/old/

The Compass doesn’t reflect my real position!

Hmmm… In case you have questions / concerns, if you believe that something should be changed in the test, you can reach us out on the following mail: info@egi.ge-ზე.

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