One of the founders of Formula TV was attacked 

According to Netgazeti, Misha Mshvildadze, one of the founders of Formula, was recently targeted and physically assaulted by an unidentified assailant. 

Mshvildadze said that he was unexpectedly attacked while entering Carrefour. Oblivious to any provocation, as he had headphones on, he recounted that he simply walked past two individuals when one suddenly seized him and delivered a forceful blow to his face. The force of the impact caused him to stumble down the stairs, and before he could regain his footing, the assailant continued the assault from behind.

Describing the harrowing incident, Mshvildadze noted that the entrance area is equipped with surveillance cameras, and he believes that the internal cameras within the supermarket might have captured the incident as well. The assailant and his accomplice seemingly fled the scene upon the arrival of security personnel, and the entire ordeal lasted approximately 15-20 seconds. Mshvildadze recalled overhearing the attacker mention something along the lines of “How do you curse the patriarch?” or a similar statement.

Prompted by this distressing occurrence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has initiated an investigation into the matter under Article 126 of the Criminal Code, which pertains to acts of violence.

President of Georgia grants pardon to Nika Gvaramia

Salome Zurabishvili, the President of Georgia, pardoned the founder of “Mtavari TV” Nika Gvaramia.

In an official statement, President Zurabishvili declared that she had made this decision following the exhaustion of all legal ways on June 19, when the Supreme Court of Georgia declined to accept the cassation lawsuit. The President declined to provide further explanations on her decision, asserting that it falls within her discretionary powers. She further emphasised that the President’s discretion is not susceptible to pressures, advice, recommendations, or any form of coercion. “It is my decision as the President,” she noted during her statement, reiterating this principle she had previously articulated in the European Parliament.

On May 16, 2022, Nika Gvaramia was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison by the Tbilisi City Court for abuse of power during his tenure at “Rustavi 2” TV.

Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, lauded President Zurabishvili’s decision to pardon Nika Gvaramia as a significant step towards depolarization within Georgia.

Following his release from prison, Nika Gvaramia addressed various matters during a public appearance. Expressing his reaction, Gvaramia admitted that he had not anticipated his release. He expressed his belief that President Zurabishvili’s decision was not solely for his benefit, but rather a decision made for the betterment of the country. Gvaramia acknowledged the added value of this aspect and extended his apologies for his past derogatory statements against the President. He also expressed remorse for his behaviour towards women captured in videos that are currently being circulated. Gvaramia humbly admitted his error and offered his sincere apologies for his actions.

President vetoes amendments to Election Code

President Salome Zurabishvili of Georgia has exercised her veto power, effectively halting the implementation of amendments to the Election Code in an effort to preserve consensus among stakeholders.  

As per the President’s recommendation to the parliament, the chairman and members of the Central Election Commission (CEC) should be elected by at least 90 votes, similar to the process employed in the appointment of the public defender.

Under the current version of the law, the President, acting as an independent and non-partisan authority, initiates a competition and establishes a commission responsible for selecting candidates. The President subsequently presents the chosen candidates to the Parliament.

The proposed amendments, however, would transfer the responsibility for creating the commission, selecting candidates, and conducting the election to the Parliament’s chairman. Moreover, the election of the CEC’s chairman and members would be determined by a simple majority, effectively reducing the decision-making process to a single-party prerogative.

By requesting that the chairman and members of the CEC be elected with a substantial majority of at least 90 votes, instead of the current requirement of 76 votes, the President aims to uphold consensus-based decision-making and mitigate the risks associated with polarisation. This veto decision aligns with the President’s objective of preserving a sense of agreement among the diverse political factions within the country.

Miners cease protests in Tbilisi and Chiatura

Following a prolonged period of protest, the miners in both Tbilisi and Chiatura have ceased their demonstrations. According to the miners, Georgian Manganese, the company they work for, will resume its operations starting July 1.

As part of their negotiation process with Georgian Manganese, the miners secured an 11.9% increase in wages and obtained a commitment from the company to address 14 specific demands.

In a video released on the “Miner” Facebook page, Tariel Mikatsadze, one of the miners, announced that they had reached an agreement with the company regarding financial matters. While some issues will be immediately resolved, others will require further time for implementation.

Mikatsadze explained that after two days of discussions and trials, a decision was made for Georgian Manganese to recommence its operations on July 1. He assured the public that the miners are fully committed to fulfilling their accountability by addressing all the agreed-upon issues.

The miners embarked on an 18-day strike, with some even enduring a hunger strike for 12 days. As an act of solidarity, citizens joined the striking miners at rallies held near the parliament building in Tbilisi, demonstrating their support for the miners’ demand for fair wages, improved working conditions, and adherence to labour safety regulations.  

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