The Georgian National Football Team has finished competing in its debut EURO

The Georgian national football team has finished competing in its debut European Championship. On June 30, the round of 16 match held at the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne, Germany, ended with a 4-1 victory for Spain.

For the first time in its history of independence, the national team of Georgia secured a ticket to the European Championship by winning the Nations League. Reaching the round of 16 in the tournament is a historic achievement for Georgia.

After the match, the goalkeeper of the Georgian national team, Giorgi Mamardashvili, stated: “This is not the end of everything. We will come back stronger, for sure. I want to call on the Georgian fans to believe in us, and we will certainly make them happy in the future.”

Gakharia: Ivanishvili has sent a representative of the Government to the USA as a “personal envoy”

According to Giorgi Gakharia, the former Prime Minister and leader of the Party For Georgia, Bidzina Ivanishvili has sent a representative of the Georgian government to the USA as a “personal representative.” Gakharia describes the representative as a powerful political figure.

“Undoubtedly, if our government is in a position where they don’t care about our sovereignty or other people’s opinions, despite claiming to be steadfast, they are actually so scared that they are sending emissaries in the hopes of understanding what is happening. Bidzina Ivanishvili has sent a representative of the Georgian government as his personal envoy, and it would have been better not to send him,” he stated.

“This is another example of how the current government does not understand how institutional democracy functions. They genuinely believe that whether it’s Trump or the Democrats or Republicans, it will radically change the long-term and medium-term American strategy regarding Georgia. Additionally, they think that if the so-called honorary chairman, retired from politics, sends one of the country’s main political, indeed powerful figures to a foreign country as a messenger, it is either appropriate or a demonstration of his invincibility. This is astounding,” said Giorgi Gakharia on YouTube.

Parliament of Georgia passes Anti-LGBT Law with the first hearing

Parliament of Georgia passed the law “On Family Values and Protection of Minors,” which restricts LGBT rights, in the first reading. At the plenary session, 78 MPs supported the bill. The majority of opposition deputies did not attend the plenary sessions, boycotting parliamentary work after the adoption of the Foreign Agents law.

The second and third readings of the bill are scheduled for the fall session of Parliament.

On June 4, the Speaker of Parliament, Shalva Papuashvili, presented the legislative package “On Family Values and Protection of Minors,” highlighting eight issues that will be regulated through 19 proposed laws.

Rati Ionatamishvili, the chairman of the Human Rights Protection Committee of Parliament, discussed the administrative fines outlined in the anti-LGBT law for various violations. Individuals will be fined 800 GEL, and legal entities will be fined 2,500 GEL. For providing minors with information “containing propaganda”, individuals will be fined 1,000 GEL, and legal entities will be fined 3,000 GEL.

On June 26, the Venice Commission published an opinion on the draft constitutional law “On Family Values and Protection of Minors,” urging Georgian authorities to “completely review this legislative proposal and not continue to adopt it” or, if it continues to be adopted, to amend certain articles to eliminate discrimination against LGBT people and ensure compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Levan Tsutskiridze created a political movement named “Freedom Square”

Levan Tsutskiridze, the executive director of the Multiparty Democracy Center (EECMD), has founded a new political movement.

The founders of the movement state that its purpose is to protect the national interests of Georgia and achieve its historical mission. According to them, “Freedom Square” will serve as an open democratic platform:

“Freedom Square” is a unity of patriotic, professional, and honest citizens dedicated to preserving freedom and democracy. Our goal is to prevent Georgia from becoming a Russian province, defeat the current government in the parliamentary elections, establish real democracy, and achieve EU membership. We believe that the foundation of peace is justice, and the most just system of government is democracy,” said Tsutskiridze.

“We have a clear vision of how to approach the elections, protect our votes, and continue our efforts post-election—preserving national identity, developing the economy, healthcare, culture, and education, and effectively protecting our unique nature and environment,” the movement’s manifesto states,” he noted.

During the presentation, the movement members criticized the policies of the “Georgian Dream” and emphasized the need for a change in government in the elections scheduled for October 26, 2024.

Levan Tsutskiridze also introduced the movement’s members, including Zurab Farjiani, Simon Janashia, Irakli Kobalia, and others.



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