Freedom House: Georgia’s Democracy has Deteriorated Further

According to a Freedom House survey, Georgia’s democracy has deteriorated further. For six years in a row, Georgia has been experiencing a setback in the Freedom House index. According to the data of 2016 and 2017, this figure was 3.39. In 2018, it dropped to 3.32, and in 2019 to 3.29. In 2020, Georgia’s democracy score decreased to 3.25, and in 2021 to 3.18. This year it dropped to 3.07 points.

For comparison, the figures of two more members of the Associated Trio – Ukraine and Moldova – currently exceed the score of Georgia. The score of Ukraine is 3.36, while that of Moldova is 3.11. As for the neighbourhood, Georgia offers a better rate in this case than its neighbours. The score of Armenia is 3.04, that of Russia – 1.32, and that of Azerbaijan – 1.07. However, in the case of Armenia, positive dynamics are observed. Armenia’s rate was 2.96 last year and rose to 3.04 this year.

Index for Georgia was reduced in 3 areas – National Democratic Governance, Civil Society and Judicial Framework and Independence

A delegation of the US Congress visited Georgia

US congressional delegation visits Georgia. The senators and congressmen met with representatives of opposition parties and the government.

One of the main topics of discussion during the meeting with the opposition was the development of the judiciary and democratic institutions. One of the members of the delegation, David Cicilin, said: “This is a key part of our co-operation with the Georgian people and it is important that this work continues to strengthen democratic institutions and take into account some of the reforms they are considering.”

Representatives of the Congress also met with representatives of the government administration and the President of Georgia – Salome Zurabishvili.

According to the press-release on the Government web-site – the US involvement for strengthening democratic institutions, improving defense capabilities and promoting economic development was discussed during the meeting.

New NDI Survey : Taking Georgians’ Pulse

A new NDI survey was published this week.

The study shows that the mood of the population was significantly influenced by the war waged by Russia against Ukraine.

Survey showed that perception of Russia as a threat to its neighbors Increased. 85% of respondents believe that Russia is a threat to its neighbors, .Before the war, 53% of respondents supported the deepening of economic relations with Russia, a figure that fell to 25% during the war. The support for limiting economic relations with Russia increased from 23% to 39%.

67% of Georgian citizens blame Russia for the war in Ukraine, 11 % blame Putin.

98% support Ukrainian people and 87 % – Ukrainian government.

Amid a mass influx of Russian citizens, 66% of the population supports the introduction of a visa regime with Russia.

63% positively assess the President’s position on the conflict in Ukraine, while 46% approve Prime-minister’s position on the same matter. 

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