The statement of the Europe-Georgia Institute regarding the hostage situation in Zugdidi

We monitor carefully the hostage situation in Zugdidi, where 18 innocent victims have recently been taken hostage during a bank robbery.

We strongly hope that this situation will resolve soon and hostages will soon be back with their families.

During criminal activities and terrorism we express solidarity to those protecting lives of citizens and working hard to release hostages.

We express our respect to the media, covering situation in Zugdidi and performing their professional duty – but at the same time we call upon journalists to demonstrate highest journalism standards and support activities of law-enforcements and take all precautions to avoid any life-threatening consequences to the hostages.

At the same time we denounce the attempts of political leaders to politicize the situation – in times of criminal activities and terrorism we should all unite to support those, whose lives are in danger.

We hope that this hostage situation will resolve soon and every hostage will soon be back with their friends and families.

October 21, 2020

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