Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, shared a renewed proposal to solve political crises in Georgia and presented the document to every political party today.
The renewed agreement proposed by the EU today is indeed a compromise. It reflects the interests of every political actor and aims to overcome the political crisis in Georgia. Resolving the political crisis and stabilization of the political process is a vital interest of every Georgian citizen.

Considering the geopolitical situation, combined with all the challenges that Georgia faces today, we strongly believe that signature of the agreement and effective implementation of the proposed reforms are the primary duty of every Georgian citizen, political party or civil society organization.

EGI, with our friends, colleagues and partners, is fully prepared and open to engage in the process of delivering the reforms proposed by the agreement to the people of Georgia.

We call on every political actor to respect the involvement of Georgia’s strategic partners, both the EU and the USA, in this process – and sign the agreement.

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