Europe-Georgia Institute welcomes the compromise achieved by the Georgian opposition parties and the ruling party.

We will repeat ourselves: this agreement, presented by the EU, is indeed a compromise, which reflects the interests of every political actor in Georgia. The document serves to overcome the political crisis in Georgia. Dealing with the crisis and stabilizing political processes are vital interests of every Georgian citizen.

Special thanks to the president of the European Council – Charles Michel, to his Special Envoy – Christian Danielsson, to the Ambassador of the USA to Georgia – HE Kelly Degnan and the Ambassador of the EU to Georgia – HE Karl Harzel. We also express our gratitude to every partner and friend of Georgia, who took part in achieving this important agreement.

The choice of every Georgian is clear. We follow Western path and our Euro-Atlantic aspirations. We reprimand our soviet and post-soviet past and legacy and clearly state that our ambition is to create a western political system, based on compromise, principle of multi-partiality and deep and comprehensive reform in the judiciary.

We hope that today will be the fresh start to renew Georgian politics.

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