Following the developments within the Adjara TV

The Europe-Georgia Institute monitors recent developments within the Adjara TV and Radio of Georgia’s National Broadcaster. We are deeply concerned that recent changes initiated by the management of Adjara TV raise suspicions, that these changes are aimed to influence critical editorial policy of the television, create pressure on journalists with critical attitudes towards management and restrict their right of free speech.

We remind all parties that Constitution of Georgia protects Freedom of – and that “No one shall be persecuted because of his/her opinion or for expressing his/her opinion”. We also remind the parties that the main purpose of the National Broadcaster is existence of a National Broadcaster, “free from the State and accountable to the Society”.

We call on the director of Adjara TV and the Advisory Council to stop any actions in violation of the Constitution of Georgia and the Law on National Broadcaster and respect independent operation of journalists, as well as freedom to independently implement editorial policy.

We keep a close eye on the situation within the Adjara TV and Radio of Georgia’s National Broadcaster. We respect the journalists fighting for their professional rights and dignity, who serve their civic duty to the democratic development of Georgia.

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