Regarding orchestrated attacks against US pro-democracy institutions operating in Georgia

The Europe-Georgia Institute is deeply concerned with the recent orchestrated wave of attacks led by Georgian political parties and political movements targeting the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and their work in Georgia. We consider such attacks extremely regrettable as they contribute to strengthening anti-western and anti-american tendencies in Georgia and create direct danger to political course chosen and desired by the absolute majority of Georgian public.

Both the IRI and NDI closely cooperate with different actors representing the entire spectrum of Georgian politics and aim to advance democracy in Georgia. None of these organizations are affiliated with any political party or movement in Georgia or drive a narrow political agenda. We are deeply concerned that the gripping narrative of authoritarian and anti-democratic regimes that ban and persecute NDI and IRI and describe them as malevolent forces, was supported by politicians in Georgia. Such attitude poses a direct threat to democratic values and freedoms of Georgian Nation.

The Europe-Georgia Institute expresses our full support to the international organizations advancing democracy in Georgia. We strongly believe that the work of both IRI and NDI is crucially important to reinforce democratic development in Georgia. We are extremely grateful for the immense role that these organizations play to advance parliamentarism, empower political parties and improve political culture in Georgia

The Europe-Georgia Institute condemns the recent protest rally held by perfidious political forces in front of the US Embassy in Tbilisi and their actions aiming to discredit the work of IRI and NDI in Georgia. Such actions contribute to deepen political polarization in Georgia and hinders Georgia’s democratic development, as well as slows the post-soviet transition process.

Such actions damage the democratic consolidation process in Georgia and contribute to deepen authoritarian tendencies. We call upon all political parties and movements, as well as other political forces, to respect the decision of Georgian Nation and solemnly support Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

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