Current situation in Tbilisi for our friends and partners abroad:

Following the events of Gavrilov’s night on the 20th-21st of June the ruling Georgian Dream party promised to change Electoral System of Georgia and eliminate the archaic, useless and entirely corrupt system of Majoritarian districts.

This system, proven to be highly inefficient in Georgia, has always been a source of “free seats” for the ruling party and created catastrophic disproportion of seats in Georgian parliament, adding 50% of seats to the winning political party. Despite the broad consensus in society among all actors (including civil sector and political parties) the ruling party failed to deliver the change and broke its promise.

The so called “majoritarian coup” – a situation, when MP from majoritarian districts blocked the legislature is either a demonstration of total loss of control within the ruling Georgian Dream party, or is an orchestrated attempt to avoid the change at all costs. Such behaviour is extremely damaging to Georgian democracy and poses terrific threats to the consolidation of democracy in the country, forcing all political groups (Pro-russian and pro-western, marginalized nationalists, liberals, libertarians and socialists) to stand together and demand the change.

This situation is terribly damaging credibility of Georgian government and needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

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