Europe-Georgia Institute signed the agreement with the Embassy of Sweden in Georgia on June 11. As a result of this agreement, we will be able to create a Georgian-language version of a unique education resource – “Electionville” – made by Svenska Institutet.

Electionville is a unique educational platform, which will help young people to get more information about the work of local governments. This platform will be adapted to Georgian reality and it will be presented in September.
We want to express our special gratitude to Malmö University – the idea of adapting this game to Georgia was born during its project – Public Sector Innovation Programme, Malmö University.

This platform aims to inform young people about the meaning of local government – what creates the democratic process and whom it should serve.

The participants of Electionville get the roles of the members of the council. They learn about the main principles of local democracy and governance. In the beginning, this platform was a board game – 13 000 copies were produced and distributed. This game soon found itself in the curriculum of primary and secondary schools.

The platform is for 15-24 years old people, with any political views and ideologies.

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