The Europe-Georgia Institute, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in the South Caucasus and the Association of European Initiatives visited Gori in October 23 to deliver a lecture under the series of public lectures on the “rise of populism: Revolt against democracy.”

The lecture was delivered by Dr. Dmitro Yarov, a representative of the Kiev School of Economics. The Kiev School of Economics is an organization that has trained all Ukrainian parliament members and delivered economics courses.

Dr. Dmitry Yarov’s lecture – “Winner takes it all: Ukrainian Society after the monoconsolidasion of the Presidential Party”- addressed the specifics of populism in post-Soviet countries, in particular Ukraine.

Meeting was organized in the Civic Engagement Center, where local youngsters had a chance to attend the conference and have a discussion about the lecture topics with invited guest speakers.

The main goal of the project is to bring Georgian and European politicians and young leaders closer together, exchange experiences and deepen ties between the countries, as well as raise the resilience and awareness of the Georgian society on issues related to populism.

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