The Europe-Georgia Institute and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in South Caucasus organized the series of public lectures on “The Rise of Populism: Rebellion Against Democracy”.
Within the framework of the event, project organizers and participants from different countries visited the occupation line in the village of Khurvaleti to better understand and realize the situation. They were provided with information about the war in August 2008 and its consequences, as well as developments in the following years. Project participants were informed that the private property of Georgian citizens, including their homes, was occupied by the occupational forces supported by Russia.

The participants had the opportunity to talk to people living in the occupied territory and to hear the consequences of the illegal borderisation. The visit was very interesting and took place in an extreme conditions, in front of illegal wires, installed by the Russian occupation forces, that made communication almost impossible between them.

The purpose of the visit was to give a firsthand information to the guests. Visiting the occupation line is one of the ways to combat misinformation and populism. Conversation and the visit itself was very emotional for our guests. This was the first opportunity for them to get close to the occupation line.

The main goal of the project is to bring Georgian and European politicians and young leaders closer together, exchange experiences and deepen ties between the countries, as well as raise the resilience and awareness of the Georgian society on issues related to populism.

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