Document encompasses the economic situation in Georgia, refers to problems, and ways to solve them. Economic growth in Georgia was low even before the pandemic. Covid-19 crisis caused more damage, it nearly stopped industries such as tourism, foreign direct investments, and foreign money transfers. Moreover, the unemployment rate increased, and export rate decreased. Document discusses ways that target economic growth and creation of decent workplaces. Three ways to achieve the goal are presented: status quo – subsidization of bank loans, privatization of government possessions, and reduction in the rate of taxes. All three alternatives were evaluated according to special criteria, pros and cons of all alternatives were perceived. After the evaluation, it became clear that privatization of government possessions is the most effective way to achieve given goals. Therefore, the document recommends privatizing government possessions gradually. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to classify and categorize possessions, create an auctioning platform, and place the categorized possessions on the platform. Given way will strengthen the economy, create decent workplaces and will protect property rights. All this will have a positive effect on the country’s investing environment.

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