Following statements of high-ranking Georgian officials threatening freedom of speech in Georgia, the Europe-Georgia Institute together with Institute for Development of Freedom of Information and with support from Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom South Caucasus initiated a campaign “Freedom of Speech 2019”.Number of meetings with students from different universities were held as a part of campaign in Tbilisi universities . On the 23th of april  the conference about freedom of speech and expression was organised at the Sulkhan-Saba University  .Public lecture was held by the invited lecturer of tbilisi  State University Dimitri GegenavaLecture was moderated by Mariam Bitsadze , Director of Program Functions of Europe-Georgia Institute.Participants of the conference had a great opportunity to discuss not only theoretical but also contemporary and practical issues related to the development and evolution of freedom of speech in Georgia. Role of law and topics related to the Georgian court were discussed from the perspective of Freedom of speech and expression. Students were very interested in what is the level of freedom of media and what is the role of different social media sources in the process of idea creation among the society.As part of the campaign, special writable walls were designed to give participants an opportunity to write whatever they wanted. The “bricks” were combined and created the wall of freedom of expression, allowing everybody to express his or hers freedom of expressionThe conference continued during the coffee break and gave participants an opportunity to discuss interesting topics and and have a personal conversation with our guest speaker in a non-formal way. The meeting was attended by 40+ students of Sabauni  and high-school students, member of local NGO community and officials.


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