Hub in Gurjaani is known for its original and creative projects. Their first initiative was on 20th of May. Hub members decided to do a project about current problems in their generation. Because the most sensitive topic was booling and discrimination, they decided to involve professionals in the project.

The project took place at Gurjaani library. Within the project, participants had a training-workshop by invited psychologists Nino Enukidze and Tamar Lisiaki. 30 students took part in the project.

After the project, they worked on this topic individually for one week. They had to find victims of booling and discrimination around them and present their view on the solution to that problem. The best video was uploaded on a page of Initiative.

Foundations of Gurjaani’s hub was laid with this project. It continued organizing different activities, including:
Gurjaani Flea Market. A lot of people took part in it.



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