Informal educations plays a big role in the development and self-determination of a student, especially when the students are involved in organizing processes themselves without someone dictating them what to do.

At Tbilisi Public School #175 students became initiators and organized a project and laid a foundation to the informal education at their school.

Project “Georgian Parliament Simulation” took place between May 13 and 15 at Public School #175 , Tbilisi. Students of IX and X grade took part in it. Total of 50 students.

They were divided into 5 committees: Education, Science and Culture, Defence of Human Rights and Public Integration, Euro-Integration committee, Protection of the environment and natural resources, health and social related topics committee.

Project lasted 3 days. Participants had trainings by the group members of “Initiative”.

For 2 days each of the committees worked on their specific subject, on the third day they created a resolution and presented it on the closing ceremony.

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