Free and fair legal system is essential for democratic state. As Georgia is a young democracy, with a harsh soviet past, the creation of a free judicial system has always been a problem since independence and none of the governments succeeded in this task. To end the corruption in the judicial system, which is under control of a certain group, “Clan”,  correct and constructive reforms are necessary, that must be created and implemented by a new multi-partial parliament. Even today, there are many different opinions about the ways to improve the legal system in Georgia.

Young politicians from the party “Girchi” following due research, consider that it’s vital to create the system of interaction among different Court Instances, which exclude corrupted influence of one to another. “Girchi ” considers one of the ways to deal with this problem to be democratization of the system and institution of direct-election system for the position of Judges of the first Court Instance. This alternative will contain the influence of another instances and will increase role of each human in the pursuit of justi

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