For “Initiative” those projects, that include involvement of people who live in the buffer zone, are very important.

Exactly that kind of project was carried out on May 26 and 27 in Gori State Teaching University’s laboratory of innovations. Students who live in buffer zones had a very interesting training about the programming. The whole course consisted of different subjects: “ Basics of programming, “ review of Object-oriented programming”, “Review of Java language and working with the programming codes”.

Participants had a chance to understand what does it mean to be a programmer, different programming languages and their usage. Also specifics of how mobile applications and web pages are created.

The main goal of the project is to find those people living in the buffer zones who do not have enough resources but certainly have enough abilities to become a perspective programmer in the future. So, we can say that this project can motivate other students who live in the buffer zone.

Within the same project in Innovation’s Lab in Gori Hackathon was organized and participants had a chance to present their inventions and the prototypes of their innovative ideas based on the knowledge they got during the training.

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