To address the problems facing humanity in terms of severity and importance, human rights violations in the workplace will be one of the top priorities.  Moreover, this violation implies a fundamental human violation of the right to life.  This issue is relevant in almost all countries of the world and Georgia is no exception.

More or less all of the 17 points established by the UN concern our country.  However, due to recent developments and published statistics, the Georgian Labor Party pays special attention to the eighth point (decent work, economic growth), in particular – labor safety.  It is noteworthy that the government has taken some steps to address this problem, but how effective they are is another matter.  This talled, young members of the Labor Party after research and analysis concluded that the state needs to give additional resources to the Department of Labor Safety Inspection to increase the amount of labor safety inspectors. This will provide a better work environment and will be helpful in cutting the short number of death and accident cases related to labor in Georgia. 

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