Fast-growing and sustainable economy is vital for a state-building of a young democracy. Harsh soviet past and obstacles that Georgia faced on its way toward independence, seriously undermined its efforts to revive and improve economic conditions. The correct steps taken in the beginning of the century served well to revive business activity in Georgia, but late economical fluctuations, in addition to the instability and insecure environment caused decrease of both – amount of foreign investments and speed of the development of business in the country. The situation worsened after halting construction of Anaklia port and after Covid-pandemic, which made it hard to improve the economic situation of Georgia. Young members of the party “Lelo” work hard to find solutions to above-mentioned problems. During the working process, the most important side of the problem was highlighted, which concerns the level of the independence of the judicial system. Due to the severity of the problem, it would be better for London International Arbitrage to take upon the task to solve economical disputes, while the same kind of arbitrage system will be created in Georgia.  This model will give the country a possibility to revive the economy as fast as possible and improve the legal system at the same time.

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