Dr. Michael lgnatieff
President and Rector
Central European University
Budapest, Hungary

Dear Dr. lgnatieff,

For decades, the Central European University has been one of the best educational institutions in the Eastern Europe. Founded soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the CEU has greatly contributed to the creation of free and open societies on the ruins of the Soviet Empire. The University promoted openness, civil engagement and inclusion – and became the true opposition of the regressive Soviet heritage, contributed a lot to the transition from soviet past to the European present.

Here, in Georgia, we can easily see the exceptional impact of the University – many outstanding Georgians have studied at the CEU, and I hope that the University will continue to welcome promising Georgians.

I strongly believe that this attempt to shut down the CEU will fail, exactly as had failed such an attempt 4 years ago in Georgia. I was a student then and remember, how devastatingly and calamitously such situations affected students – and we all remember that first and foremost at any University are students, who do not deserve to be punished because of the Founders of University.

Today, when we see the unconscionable attack upon academic freedom I truly hope, that the Academic community will be united in this recognition and will do our best to avoid this terrible mistake.

With sincere good wishes,

George Melashvili.

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