In Gori, within the campaign “ Constitution Day 2017” youth from Gori carried out a project in order to popularize the Constitution.

The general format of the project was an imitated process, that lasted for 2 days. During the first working day, participants had a theoretical course about the Constitution and were divided into groups. In one day they had to work on the paragraphs from the construction they were given.

The second day completely was dedicated to the imitated process, where the groups were presented as accusing, defending and juryman groups. The process had a form of a debate.

After the process was finished, groups moved to the territory of “New Garden”, where group members and volunteers created all the necessary conditions for the final part of the project, initiative game. As soon as the participants arrived, the group started “Constitution Hunt”. The game was completely in agreement with the constitution.

After the project was over, the winner group was announced a well as the best delegates and they were awarded memorable prices.



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