On 5th of February, Head of the Administration of the President of Georgia, George Abashishvili, held a meeting with students of School of Civic Action. Aforementioned meeting that took place in Sulkhan-Saba University was mainly focused on substantial economic issues.
Participants of School of Civic Action shared their opinions regarding Georgian state budget and finances and future reforms regarding it with George Abashishvili.

During the meeting, participants discussed cases of foreign countries and drew parallels with Georgian economy.

School of Civic Action is the first platform, where students can develop a useful skill like analytical thinking, discuss matters of state importance from the past as well as present-day.

The project includes both theoretical and practical courses. Within the theoretical part of the project, participants are attending lectures conducted by the leading experts in Georgia. The project consists of five main modules. Namely: Political ideologies, International Relations, Economics, Law, and security.

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