On the 17th of October, George Melashvili – President of Europe-Georgia Institute discussed the ongoing political developments in Georgia on TV channel “Formula” in Giorgi Targamadze’s political show – “Droeba”.

Melashvili highlighted the importance of taking into account historical developments of Georgian politics when it comes to evaluating the ongoing ones. He commented on the return of the third President of Georgia – Mikheil Saakashvili, stating, that Saakashvili’s return led to further marginalization of the Third Parties. Melashvili thinks that the third parties should manage to find their way, solution, alternative that they can offer to society. He added, that such attempts by the Third Parties from Georgian experience is quite rare phenomena. Still, he thinks that they should manage to create the common front, because with 2-3% electoral support none of them is capable to take the possession of government on their own. Moreover, without unity they will fail to create and offer their own agenda and they will neither receive much attention from the media, because, like political one, media environment in Georgia is quite polarized as well.

Watch on the link: (Georgian)

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