The Swedish Institute named Melashvili among 10 SI Changemakers. There are more than 15 000 Swedish Institute alumni. SI alumni have received a scholarship from the Swedish Institute or participated in one of their leadership programmes. They come from all around the world and have different professional backgrounds: academics, entrepreneurs, public servants, business managers and civil society.

What they have in common is that they all are change makers empowered with skills, insights, knowledge and have access to unique networks of likeminded individuals. They contribute to sustainable development in various ways, through their professional role and as active members in our 47 alumni networks. We have collected 10 inspiring stories from Sl alumni in Georgia, Iraq, India, Kenya, Nepal, Palestine, the Philippines, Pakistan, Russia and Ukraine.

George Melashvili talks about his life-changing experience that was the Swedish Institute’s Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) in 2016. The programme allowed him to realise in what direction he wanted to develop his organisation, what they were lacking in terms of personnel and resources, and how to fully realise their aims and missions

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