The Europe-Georgia Institute and the Free University of Tbilisi signed the Memorandum of Understanding on 5th of March, 2021. The memorandum will mobilize academic resources and experiences of these organizations. This partnership will contribute to development of academic sphere in Georgia and it will create more opportunities for the students of the Free University.

The memorandum expresses the will and readiness of the organizations to cooperate for the improvement of the educational environment. Future activities include research projects and internships, as well as different extracurricular activities and the spread of academic resources.

George Melashvili, chairman of Europe-Georgia Institute commented on this partnership: “I am happy to be able to participate in the further progress of my Alma Mater after finishing studies there a few years ago. I sincerely believe that this memorandum will contribute to the improvement of the Georgian academic sphere. It’s always pleasure for our organization to cooperate with the best university in Georgia and its students.

Free University of Tbilisi is a leading university in Georgia. Its founder is Kakha Bendukidze, a famous Georgian politician and public servant.

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