Within the campaign “Constitution Day 2017” in Ozurgeti one of the first activities was an informative meeting in “Studio of innovations”. Students of elementary school were invited. The idea of the meeting was to educate children about the Constitution.

Group prepared a simple presentation: “ We, little citizens of Georgia”. Together they discussed the idea behind the Constitution. The group received very creative answers from the kids. There was group activity as well. Participants were given small cards with simplified paragraphs from the Constitution as well as paragraphs changed by the group members, written on them.

Participants had to choose those paragraphs, that they believed could not have been part of Georgian Constitution. (for example: “nobody should read the Constitution”, “Everybody can come in the government with force and etc ). After that kids played a game similar to the monopoly “Become a president”. The main idea of the game was to increase the awareness about the Constitution. In the end of the meeting, kids created a small model of Georgian map using Lego-bricks. Because this initiative was carried out in the beginning of August, the map was dedicated to Georgian-Russian war and represented united Georgia.

The second, colorful event, was also in Ozurgeti. Especially for this event, simple questions from the Constitution were prepared. Also, kids wrote the most important paragraphs from the constitution on a colorful balloon.

The main message was that constitution is a national document and every citizen must “be friends” with it. People of different age were involved in the events.

One of the most important activities of the project was spreading informational posters. Those posters contained short and clear pieces of information from the paragraph 2 of Georgian Constitution.



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