Project “Initiative” is collaborating very actively with the youth organizations. Future Diplomat’s club is one of those organizations that together with Initiative organized one of the biggest public speaking competition. Around 40 people took part in it and the style was different from other projects like that.

Oratorium consisted of three stages. For the first stage contestants recorded and sent 1 minute video, where they would talk about interesting for them subject. Out of those 40 contestants, 20 have been chosen for the second stage. For them, on 28th of May at the Free University of Tbilisi, Mao Makashvili did masterclass about public speaking. After that they had 30 minutes prepare a 1-2 minute speech about freedom in front of the judges.. 10 out of 20 have been chosen for the final round.

They were separated randomly into 2 groups. They have been preparing and working together with mentors for 1 week for the final speech. Mentors were Professors of Free University Levan Tatishvili and Mikheil Mirashvili.

The final round took part on 5th of June, participants spoke about the Constitution and their final speech started with the following words “ We, Georgian Citizens”.

The winner was chosen by the judges and that person will work as an intern in the Administration of the President of Georgia. There was also a live broadcast of the final round in a social network and people watching it had a chance to vote for their favorite contestant. People’s choice award winner was also announced and our partner camping organization “ Aloha “ awarded the winner a prize.

A lot of people were involved on a social network. The best speaker’s video had 15000 views.


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