On the 20th of February the official page of the Academy of Sciences published the post concerning the meeting of “The Committee of National Issue Studies” and the report of academician Teimuraz Pachulia about the topic – “The paradigms of Georgian Geopolitical School”.

Teimuraz Pachulia stated, that in the post by the official page of Academy of Sciences his wording has been misinterpreted and that he didn’t state whatever was written in the post.

According to the post by the Academy of Sciences, Teimuraz Pachulia stated, that “dissolution of the Soviet Union was the biggest geopolitical tragedy of the XX century”. Pachulia himself stated, that he quoted those words by Vladimir Putin in order to illustrate the way of thinking of Russian Geopolitical School. He added that he not only doesn’t agree with this statement, but that he was also one of the members of the National Liberation Movement in the 1980-90s and that he fought against the Soviet Union himself. On the other hand, “Formula” added, that Pachulia was a majoritarian candidate of “Alliance of Patriots” in Samegrelo, the party, which is famous for pro-Russian statements.

“Formula” asked George Melashvili – the President of Europe-Georgia Institute to evaluate the situation in the Academy of Sciences. Melashvili stated, that in the Academy of Sciences there are not many people who are aware of modern significance of Social Sciences and who share the principles of it. He said, that there are still many representatives of Soviet Academic School, who work according to the same principles and narratives that was accepted during Soviet times and that majority of those narratives are of anti-Western character. Melashvili added, that today Russian Federation actively uses the same narratives as well.

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