Project “Archevneti” (Electionville)
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Strong Self-Government – the Cornerstone of Democracy – that was the name of the project carried out by Europe-Georgia Institute, that was supported by the US and Swedish Embassies in Georgia, aiming to popularize the innovative floor game “Archevneti” (Originally “Electionville” – created in Sweden by Svienska Institut). The objective of the game is to help the students better analyze the processes in Local City Councils. The project had up to 10 beneficiary schools and lasted for two months.

Europe-Georgia Institute with the support of Swedish International Liberal Centre launched another project – Political Digest in February, 2021. Political Digest is a summary of political developments in Georgia, which is published each weak in Georgian and English languages. On the one hand, Digest is published on social media – Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand is sent to the subscribers by the Email.

FLEECE Fellowship
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Europe-Georgia Institute and Strategid Dialogue Centre with the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation – For Freedom – South Caucasus Office launched the project “Future of the Black Sea Region Conference (FLEECE)”. Project composes of two parts – mentorship program – fellowship and the conference itself. The selected participants of the project had meetings with the speakers from different fields. Later they carried out a group work – creating Opinion paper on the topic that was interesting for them. The opinion paper will be later published. The mentors will write review later on this papers, so they will be Expert Reviewed works. In the end the participants will take part in the Conference.

Empowering Young Liberal Politicians and Liberal Discourse in Georgia
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On May 20-22 Europe-Georgia Institute in cooperation with SILC (Swedish International Liberal Centre) carried out series of seminars for Youth Wings of Political Parties.

here were two modules of the seminars: 1. One module provided the participants with the opportunity to receive more information about Party structure, organizational formation and development. 2. Second module was about the Higher Education institutions and topics related to them.


Youth for Self-governments – Student Scholarship Program
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EGI and GIZ since 2017 cooperate with the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure and organize the program which envisages Training of Students and Internship in self-governments of different administrative units of Georgia’s regions. The aim of the project is to develop the ability of the active youth and increase their involvement in self-governance, also to support local self-governments in the process of dealing with the challenges. Already for the three consecutive years based on extremely competitive selection system the selected participants participate in the training course and make internships, research the functioning of self-governments and help them in terms of increase participation of citizens. The project have been building importante bridges between young citizens and logal governments already for three years.