Statement of the Europe-Georgia Institute regarding situation during the night of June, 20-21

  • Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been injured during the 20-21 night events – to the victims, their family and friends. We hope that all victims will heal, and be back home soon.
  • We would like to underline, that peaceful and justified process is an important achievement of democratic process.
  • We do share and understand the decent and honorable cause of the protest, but we condemn any attempts to disrupt constitutional order of Georgia.
  • We call upon the Government of Georgia to investigate and charge proper political responsibility to the actions of all political or state officials, whose actions caused the justified protest.
  • We do hope that the Government of Georgia will properly investigate any possible cases of non-proportional use of force.
  • We condemn any attempts to hinder journalistic work and any violence against journalists and representatives of media. We do hope that each and every case of possible violence against journalists and hindering of journalistic work will be properly investigated, and if these actions prove to be true, all responsible will be properly penalized and punished.
  • We call upon the Government of Georgia to ensure proper, justified and transparent process of investigation of any cases of use of force against police and any calls to use force against police officials and other authorities.

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